With the tragic and deeply unfortunate shooting on Howard last week, we see the ever present need for activities for the area youth.

How can we help?

I strongly recommend that we support the Willye B. White Advisory Council, which is having a Halloween “ghost telling” event on Saturday October 13th - location still being arranged, as it does not appear that our preferred location, the new Salerno’s, may not have its liquor license ready.

The Advisory Council, a 501 c 3 non profit, intends to raise $3 - 5000 and devote the proceeds to theater programs for youth - a noble and worthwhile undertaking for youth seeking after school programing. The Factory Theater is helping out with this event.

Within a week or two, the organization will be posting a large banner and circulating flyers around the neighborhood and on social media.

Would you consider serving as an event sponsor, with a contribution ranging from $100 - $500?


If so,  respond to this email with a pledge - and I will follow up with payment information or instructions for making an electronic payment. (Or, simply cut a check made payable to “Willye B. White Park Advisory Council” and mail it to me, Michael Glasser, 1200 W. Sherwin, 2-O, Chicago, IL 60626.)

Your company’s logo will be incorporated on the banner, flyers and event program.

Your contribution offers a needed support to a group of committed community volunteers seeking to improve programming at Willye B. White Field house and offering kids enriching experiences...

Thanks much for your assistance.

And, save the date: Saturday October 13th - as the Advisory Council Fundraising Committee has been working hard to throw a successful and harrowing ghost telling event!

Mike Glasser