Many changes have been happening at the Heartland Cafe. We've done some remodeling and added new menu items. But the biggest change yet is our new Chef, Sean Sanders.

Heartland Café Chef Sean Sanders
Heartland Café Chef Sean Sanders

Sean graduated from the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago in 2001. He has worked at Green Dolphin Street, Bin 36, and Hotel Chicago. Sean traveled to New Zealand and researched restaurant concepts based off growing food on your roof. He used the ideas from his time in New Zealand to open Brown Trout, which was located at 4111 Lincoln Ave. Brown Trout was open from 2009-2015 and made the Michelin Bib Gourmand list 5 times. After Brown Trout Sean went to work for the Fountainhead Group. Sean started at the Heartland Cafe three months ago.

He's been fine tuning recipes and his goal is to bring Heartland's Tex Mex inspired menu of the 70's and 80's into 2018 . Sean also wants to bring back making bread and granola in house. He has created a new recipe for organic wheat bread and we're really excited! Sean's passion for fresh ingredients intertwines with the Heartland motto and he plans to make dishes inspired by the seasons. Sean's heart is definitely in the kitchen and he says, "When your heart is in the kitchen you can taste it in the food. People will be excited about what you are going to do next." We are looking forward to having Sean in the kitchen and all the delicious changes yet to come.

Watch footage from the Rogers Park Chili Cook Off on WGN. See our new Chef Sean in action. http://wgntv.com/2018/03/04/chili-cook-off-helps-others-put-food-on-the-table-in-rogers-park/