Maybe Trip Advisor knew what they were talking about??? July 4th shot. #12

For those of you who caught it, this past April 1st we pulled off a great April Fool’s joke -  inserting an image of Jarvis Beach into a Trip Advisor post about the 25 best beaches in the US. As per our posting, which sort of went viral (and brought in television news coverage), Trip Advisor recognized Jarvis Beach (also known as Marion Mahoney Griffin Beach Park) as the 12th best beach in the US. Whatever

Many folks reading the article believed it the article was true - yet, after walking past the beach on July 4th, I suddenly found myself understanding why, and starting to believe it as well!

This picture explains it all!!!

Right-click on images to view actual size:

Jarvis Beach - July 4th 2018


And another shot

Flying Colors - Jarvis Beach July 4th 2018


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